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Some of our many features.

Release Guides

We provide full release guidance for all major releases, complete with tips, in depth sitelists, early links, variants and bot set-up advice.

The Fastest Monitors

Our Blazing Fast Monitors will help you never miss a restock ever again. We have top tier monitors tracking Websites including Adidas, nike, Adidas, supreme, footsites, off-white, hibbett, Over 100 Shopify sites and much More!

Dedicated Member Support

Goldenvault is The first Cookgroup catering to all levels of experience! So with that in mind We made sure to put a team together to cater your needs when In doubt! Golden vault staff will make sure you are prepared for any drop you need! Whether your trying to cop personals for the toe or cop multiple and start a side business! Golden vault team is here for you!


We offer affordable backdoors for a little over retail on all hyped and limited releases. 100% Authentic and with Buyer Protection.


Exclusive access to some of the most sought after bots, tools, and providers in the market via limited giveaways and groupbuys.

& Much More!

Prior to release date, members are equipped with in depth release guides, early links, resell predictions, as well as exclusive early information.

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  • Release Guides
  • Early Links
  • Free Slots
  • Early Groupbuys
  • Dedicated Support Staff
  • No Monhtly Fees

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